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You’ve heard about tooth removal procedures. Are wisdom tooth extractions any different?

The wisdom teeth or molars are at the back of the mouth. They’re strong and used for heavy chewing. They’re the last set to erupt, but sometimes, they come in at an unusual angle.

Wisdom teeth can get trapped under the gums or come in partially. They can push adjacent teeth, which makes them painful and hard to clean. Ultimately, wisdom teeth can cause several dental issues. 

If your wisdom tooth is giving you a hard time, your dentist may recommend removing it.

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Why Consider Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Thornhill

A wisdom tooth may need removal for the following reasons:

Impacted. Since the wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, sometimes, there’s not enough room left to accommodate them. They come in at an unusual angle or don’t erupt fully.

Infected. Wisdom teeth are vulnerable to cavities and decay because of their position. They’re far back in the mouth, so they can be harder to clean. This makes debris and plaque more likely to accumulate on their surfaces or around them, including the gumline.

Painful. Wisdom teeth can be painful for various reasons. They may have cavities, or they may be pressing on other teeth. If the wisdom teeth are causing more problems than help, your dentist may recommend extraction.

Dental crowding. The jaw may also be too small to accommodate all wisdom teeth, so one or several of them may need to be pulled.

Preventative measure. Sometimes, wisdom teeth are removed even if they’re not causing any problem. This is to prevent potential issues in the future.

Signs you may need a wisdom tooth extraction

In some cases, wisdom teeth erupt normally and without issues. However, it isn’t the same for everyone. Here are some factors that may cause you to need a wisdom tooth pulled:

The wisdom tooth is at an awkward angle.

The wisdom tooth didn’t erupt fully or is stuck beneath the gums.

There’s infection or abscess that causes swelling.

The tooth may interfere with your orthodontic procedures.

You’re experiencing severe pain in the area.

Learn more about wisdom tooth extractions in Thornhill, ON

Wisdom tooth extraction can help reduce the risks of developing dental problems.

During your routine dental visits, your dentist examines your teeth and checks if you need any of your molars removed. Pulling a wisdom tooth or teeth is a common procedure, and your dental team helps you decide if it’s the right option for you.

Visit our wisdom teeth dentist in Thornhill to learn more about wisdom teeth removal and if it can help your smile. Schedule your appointment today.

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