Sedation Dentistry Thornhill

Overcome your fear of the dentist and enjoy stress-free dental care with sedation dentistry in Thornhill.

Does the thought of a dental visit make you feel uneasy? Do you tend to delay seeing your dentist when you can? Do you feel uncomfortable when someone works on your mouth?

If you have fears or anxieties that make you skip or ignore the dental care services you need, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a real and common issue that we recognize here at Dentiflow.

Even dental professionals can feel anxious about dental procedures. But it isn’t healthy to let those feelings rule over you. That’s why we work with patients to manage fear and anxiety.

We offer sedation dentistry in Thornhill to help you feel more comfortable during dental procedures. Learn more about sedation dentistry options and how they can help you with dental care.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry makes you feel calm during dental procedures. It comes in different forms to match the level of assistance a person needs.

For mild anxiety, for instance, nitrous oxide may be enough. Not all types of sedation make you sleep or lose consciousness. Some still allow you to interact with your dentist and surroundings.

Types of Sleep Dentistry in Thornhill

Nitrous sedation

Also referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide sedation is delivered through a nosepiece. You wear the mask and inhale the gas. After 3-5 minutes, you’ll feel calmer.

The amount of sedation can be adjusted according to your needs. Once the procedure is complete, you are to inhale pure oxygen, which takes out the remaining nitrous oxide from your system.

Nitrous oxide doesn’t require downtime. Once it subsides, and it does wear off fast, you can return to your daily routine. You don’t need a companion to the office. And you’ll still be able to drive yourself home.

Oral sedation

Oral sedation in Thornhill uses sedatives in pill form. The dose can vary depending on the level of sedation you need.

You take the pill about an hour or several hours before your procedure. This helps you feel more relaxed, and you may also feel drowsy, but you’ll remain awake.

If by any chance, you fall asleep, your dental team should be able to wake you up with a gentle shake. The advantage of oral sedation is it doesn’t involve the use of needles, and it’s easy to administer.

Visit Us for Safe Sedation Dentistry in Thornhill, ON

Dental fear and anxiety are very common, so don’t be embarrassed to talk about them. We understand they can be hard to manage, and we’re happy to listen and help.

Sedation dentistry is a safe solution. It’s designed to help people receive dental care services even if they feel nervous, anxious, or terrified.

Only dental professionals can administer sedation, but not all dentists offer it. Our dentists at DentiFlow provide sedation options to make patients feel at home during their visits.

Find out more about sleep dentistry and if it’s right for you. Schedule your dental visit today.

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