Oral Cancer Screening in Thornhill

During your next cleaning appointment or checkup, our team will screen you for oral cancer.
the reception was at the female dentist doctor examines the oral cavity on tooth decay
Just as getting your teeth cleaned regularly is important, so is getting screened for oral cancer. While some people may experience obvious symptoms, others may not. During your next checkup, we’ll thoroughly examine your mouth, lips, tongue, gums, cheeks and floor of your mouth for signs of oral cancer. The earlier an issue is detected, the better chance you have of a cure.

What to Expect During an Oral Cancer Screening

For patients aged 20+, regular cancer screening should be performed. This is a very quick, non-invasive process that we’ll conduct before proceeding with your regular cleaning procedure. This is done to detect any signs of oral cancer which include lip cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer, gum cancer, and jaw cancer. During the screening process, we’ll check for things like lumps, abnormalities, sores, lesions, red areas, etc. in and around your mouth. Areas of examination include:

Screening Will Include Visual Examination & Palpations

We’ll begin with a visual examination looking for things like lesions, sores, infections, white patches, red areas, or other abnormalities. Next, a palpation examination is done – this is when we use our fingers to feel around or press down on areas like your neck, jaw, face, etc. to feel for any bumps and lumps. You should let us know if any areas feel tender or sore. If any abnormalities or lesions are detected, the next step is to utilize more in-depth screening tools such as screening dyes or screening lights. These help make abnormalities more easily detectable as they’ll appear a different colour.

If abnormalities are detected, we may recommend follow-up visits, a biopsy, or refer you to a specialist.

Oral Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of oral cancer can appear fairly early, however, they can also appear because of other oral issues. This is why it’s important to undergo a thorough exam. Symptoms to keep an eye out for include:

Early Detection Can Save Your Life

By working together, we can work together to detect or treat oral cancer early. Regular dental checkups are essential when it comes to aiding in the early detection of oral cancer and can greatly increase your chances of successful treatment. We can also show you how to perform at-home oral cancer screening. Do not ignore symptoms. If you notice an issue, prompt action can potentially save your life.

How to Limit Your Risk of Oral Cancer

When it comes to oral cancer, there are some things you can do to limit your chances of being diagnosed.

Ready to Book an Appointment?

If you’re ready to book an appointment, give our friendly team a call today. We’ll schedule an appointment that is most convenient for you and your busy schedule. Let us know if you have any more questions about oral cancer screening and we’ll walk you through the process and how you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle to decrease your risk of diagnosis. Following your oral cancer screening, we’ll proceed with general cleaning, scaling, polishing and flossing of your teeth. Schedule your appointment today!