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Get a sparkling white smile with professional teeth whitening in Thornhill!

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Women Showcasing Her Smile After Teeth Whitening In Thornhill, ON

The brighter the teeth are, the cleaner they also appear. A brilliant, white smile helps boost your confidence, which can lead to more opportunities.

Countless over-the-counter products claim to whiten teeth, but they offer no guarantee of safety or effectiveness. 

If you want to enhance the appearance of your smile effectively, head to Dentiflow Dentistry. Dentist-administered teeth whitening options are more effective and efficient. 

At DentiFlow, we’re pleased to offer teeth whitening in Thornhill, ON! Let’s get you the bright white smile that you deserve. Schedule your appointment with our teeth whitening dentist today.

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work

Professional teeth whitening at the dental office uses active ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide.

These ingredients, also referred to as bleaching agents, break up heavy molecules in stains. The stains then reflect less light and the teeth appear lighter.

Your dentist can adjust the hydrogen peroxide level depending on your custom treatment plan.

The difference between bleaching agents at the dental office and those found in commercial products is their concentration. Their concentration is stronger, which also makes them much more effective.

Our Teeth Whitening Services in Thornhill, ON

Professional teeth whitening can be done in-office or at-home.

In-office teeth whitening. Chairside teeth whitening starts with teeth cleaning. Your dentist then applies the bleaching agent on teeth surfaces and activates it with laser light. In-office whitening performed by dental professionals delivers results faster than other options.

At-home teeth whitening. You can be at home relaxing while professionally whitening your teeth. We create a custom whitening tray for you, where you then place the bleaching agent. You need to put the tray on for a few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the condition of your teeth.

At-home teeth whitening procedures are more convenient as they require fewer trips to the dental office. You and your dentist discuss which option is better for your oral health situation, needs, and preferences.

Visit Us for Teeth Whitening Treatment in Thornhill, ON

Whatever your budget is for enhancing your smile, don’t settle for choices you’re unsure about.

Determine the cause of tooth discoloration and identify the best step to take, with the help of your dental team. Then count on us for teeth bleaching in Thornhill, ON so you can enjoy a brighter smile in no time.

Schedule your appointment with our teeth whitening dentist today in Thornhill, ON!

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