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Straighten your teeth discreetly with Invisalign treatment in Thornhill and enjoy the smile you’ve always wanted!

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Invisalign can be the ideal option if you’re looking to strengthen teeth without the world knowing.

Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure that uses clear aligners to move teeth into their proper position. You can remove the aligners to drink, eat, and brush your teeth, making it easier to straighten your teeth without interrupting your life. 

Visit Dentiflow Dentistry for Invisalign braces in Thornhill and start your journey to a straighter smile.

What is Invisalign® Treatment?

You can achieve the beautiful, straight teeth you want without the use of visible metal wires.

Invisalign uses a series of custom aligners to improve a person’s bite. A digital scanner takes high-resolution images of the teeth that can be viewed and adjusted in real time. This makes the process a lot more convenient and efficient.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

The Invisalign process can vary from one person to another. But here are the general steps usually involved in the procedure:

Consultation: It starts with an initial consultation or smile assessment with your dentist. During this visit, your dental team educates you about how the procedure works and what you can expect from it.
Dental Images: Mouth images are taken for review. Through the Digital Smile Design process, you and your dentist discuss the results you want to achieve.

Plan Your New Smile: At DentiFlow Dentistry, we show you how your smile will change throughout the procedure. The iTero digital scanner makes this possible with the accurate images it’s taking.

Wear The Clear Aligners: We forward the images to the lab to fabricate your custom aligners. You must wear your aligners for at least 22 hours daily, depending on your custom treatment plan. Some may need small tooth-colored attachments to help keep the aligners in place.

Every aligner in the series contributes to the final changes you want to see in your smile. The clear aligner trays move your teeth little by little, with gentle pressure.

Visit Our Invisalign® Dentist in Thornhill, ON

Having a straight set of teeth helps improve the look and function of your smile and prevent dental problems. Clear aligners are a discrete option that works well for patients of all ages, especially those who do not want the look and inconvenience of traditional braces. 

We’re pleased to offer Invisalign here at DentiFlow Dentistry. Whether you’re looking for clear braces for adults, teens, or kids, we have the Invisalign treatment for you. We offer complete Invisalign solutions, including Invisalign Go, Invisalign First, and more. 

Start your journey to straight teeth today. Schedule a consultation for clear dental aligners in Thornhill. 

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